Artistic collaboration

Date | 15 June – 14 July 2021
Venue | Mind Set Art Center: 7F, No.180, Sec. 1, Heping E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan

Together with Radu Constantinescu, we contributed to Ana Maria Micu’s experimental short animated video “Acqua Alta”. The collaborative work is to be exhibited in Micu’ solo show “Objects Must Be Comfortable”.

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Micu’s animation concept is about a method to document progress during drawing sessions but spreads into illustrating acts of care, protective actions, and spontaneous fantastical narratives. Her initial idea was about a hand hovering over a wrinkled fabric, touching it, in an attempt to flatten, maybe caress, or examine it.

Our response was inspired by observing a neighbor’s garden, where indoor furniture was being repurposed for outdoor use. As protection against the elements, a table was covered with a piece of plastic, held in place with rocks, so the wind would not blow it away. We documented this real-life situation and introduced it as 2 fragments of 3D animation, among Micu’s scenes.

Excerpt from “Acqua Alta”
animation | 6m2s | no audio | 2021

Ana Maria Micu – concept, digital drawing, clay animation, and editing
Alexandra Constantinescu, Radu Constantinescu – concept, 3D animation