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Alexandra Constantinescu, a Cluj-Napoca-based artist, is working at the crossroads of visual art and design, with a focus on the making process and on the exploration, within the medium of ceramics, of those notes that are subdued. Her themes revolve around the perception of color and the use of text, in a manner that supplies non-visual meaning. Alexandra graduated in 2004 from The University of Art and Design  Cluj-Napoca- Sculpture Department and received a Master’s Degree in Sculpture in 2015. The same year, during an international MA scholarship, she attended, one semester, the course Ceramics: Art and Function from The Fine Arts Faculty of the University of the Basque Country.

Alexandra Constantinescu

nascuta in 21.05.1981
traieste si lucreaza in Cluj-Napoca

2015 Master ( Sculptura ), Universitatea de Arta si Design Cluj-Napoca
2015 mobilitate de studiu, (Ceramica Arte y Funcion) Universidad del Pais Vasco, Bilbao, Spania
2015 mobilitate BilbaoArte Fundazioa, Bilbao, Spania
2004 Universitatea de Arta si Design Cluj-Napoca, Sculptura

Expozitii- selectii
2018-50 Miradas: un recorrido por el movimiento de la gastronomía contemporánea -la cocina esta hasta en la sopa San Sebastian, Basque Culinary Center, Spania
2016 Zain Design Expression, Cluj-Napoca
2016 Expomaraton Recall -Castigatorii marilor premii Expomaraton 2011-2015, Muzeul de Arta Cluj-Napoca
2015 Expozitia absolventilor UAD, Expo Transilvania, Cluj-Napoaca
2015-Ce mai face Penelopa, Muzeul de Arta Cluj-Napoca
2015 Quiet Cube, Centrul Cultural Francez, Bucuresti
2015 Trending Up: Super Contemporary Romanian Artists, Bucuresti
2015 Expozitia absolventilor UAD, Expo Transilvania, Cluj-Napoca
2015 Cuerpo 1000, Domine, Bilbao, Spania
2015 Wood and Wool, Gratz, Austria
2014 Wood and Wool, ICR, Viena
2014 Quiet Cubes, Expo Maraton, Galeria Casa Matei, Cluj-Napoca
2014 Crossing Borders, Centrul Cultural Belgrad
2014 Ce mai face Penelopa III, Muzeul de Arta Cluj-Napoca
2014 Romanian Design Week, Bucuresti
2014 Wood and Wool, ICR, Stockholm
2007 Varsta de bronz, Muzeul de Arta Cluj-Napoca
2004 Expozitia absolventilor UAD, Expo Transilvania, Cluj-Napoaca

Tabere de creatie
2011 Tabara de sculptura, Capus, Cluj

Rezidente artistice
2014 A.C.T. Belgrade,Centrul Cultural Belgrad

Premiul publicului, Expo Maraton, 2014 , Cluj-Napoca
Premiul LateralArt Space, Expo Maraton 2014, Cluj-Napoaca
Premiul Institutului Cultural Francez, Expo Maraton, 2014, Cluj-Napoca
Premiul Centrului Cultural German, Expo Maraton, 2014, Cluj-Napoca