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Alexandra Constantinescu (b. 1981) is an artist from Cluj-Napoca who has been working for nearly 7 years in her studio, developing unique design objects or limited series, made in porcelain or faience. Suitable for a sometimes slightly undetermined home use, the objects she creates go around the classical ergonomic principle, introducing instead the notion of  decorative element that bears functionality.


The decorative tridimensional parts stand for classical handles, providing minimal gripping points. The object can be manipulated by the creative engagement of these contact areas. At the same time, a revival of the tactile sense and of the conscious choice for living in the present moment is ensured. By introducing a minor difficulty in gripping a mug or lifting a lid, Alexandra helps the user to become aware of the shape and tactility of the object, the preciousness of the content, pinpointing a moment of escaping the mechanical repetition of daily common actions.


The signature color palette of her objects is the merging gamma between the white of the porcelain and two nuances of green glaze.


Alexandra Constantinescu graduated in 2004 from The University of Art and Design  Cluj-Napoca- Sculpture Department and received a Master’s Degree in Sculpture in 2015. The same year, during an international MA scholarship, Alexandra attended one semester the prestigious course Ceramics: Art and Function from The Fine Arts Faculty of the University of the Basque Country.