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The Color of White II

The Color of White II collection questions the perception of color as a tool for navigating, organizing and reforming the domestic space.


A suite of cups made of porcelain invokes  the color through statements. Using monochrome objects, perceptible attributes are suggested by reading the texts engraved on the cup’s surface, followed by a semantic  analysis. I was inspired by an observation: when we are asked what a color is, our ability to explain does not go too far and it seems that the immediate tendency is to point to things that have that color. I’m thinking of breaking down this automatism and may find a way to assign non-existent colors to objects.


  The letters are chosen so as to achieve an obvious simplicity because I do not want their sign to become a subject, but to keep the focus on the meaning it conveys. The naming of a color is a rarely exploited resource in the field of ceramics and I chose it as a substitute for the classical means of achieving color.